willy pete

In Multiplayer, the Willy Pete is a tactical grenade and is available as soon as Create-A-Class is unlocked at level 4. It causes a small amount of damage and temporarly stuns those near its detonation, but does not harm players as it is emitting smoke. It is used to screen players' movements and to create distractions in order to get the enemies attention. It can even be used as a limited version of Concussion Grenade to slow down enemy targets. As with the other smoke grenades in previous games of the series, the Willy Pete is the only tactical grenade to not receive an extra grenade from certain perks such as Warlord Pro.

tips and tactics

  • Crosshairs will still turn red (unless the enemy is using Ghost Pro) if they sweep over enemies hiding inside the smoke screen. This is a good method for finding and killing "hidden" enemies.
  • Tossing a Semtex or cooked Frag into a smokescreen is a good way to take out enemies using a Willy Pete for cover while taking an objective.
  • Flashbangs, Nova Gas, and Concussion grenades are also useful. If a player is using Tactical Mask ProWilly Petes can be used to get across No Man's Land on Berlin Wall.
  • Willy Petes makes great cover to plant the bomb in DemolitionSearch and Destroy, and Sabotage. However, this should be used with caution, as the enemy tends to spray wildy trough the smoke. Going prone sometimes helps.
  • It is useful if being pursued, as one can throw it and then run the opposite direction. The enemies are usually drawn to the smoke