The Uzi performs exceptionally well at close range, especially while hipfiring, and/or adding a Grip. In most cases, it beats out the popular AK74u at close range. Because of its amazing hipfire abilities, Steady Aim is preferred, but Sleight of Hand is a good option with it too, as the reload is awkward and a little bit slow. Compared to other similar submachine-guns, the Uzi has a high magazine capacity, but also extremely high recoil (the most powerful recoil of any gun in the Multiplayer without grip). This recoil makesRapid Fire a questionable choice on this gun but it can turn it into a even deadlier close range weapon.
Red Dot Sight or a Reflex sight could also be a good choice, as the Iron sights can be very obstructive to many players. However, recoil with the Uzi is such that there is almost never any point to ADS, making any sort of sight attachment something of a waste. On the other hand, with Warlord, using a sight in conjunction with a grip can benefit greatly, eliminating higher recoil and obstructive iron-sights.

All in all, this weapon has a distinctly short range, even with a stock on. However, in its optimum range, it will be very difficult to take it down, as enough bullets escape the barrel before all the recoil jumps in to allow a shockingly fast kill.

The Uzi is universally considered inferior in the gaming community due to its high recoil and relatively low damage, and is usually overlooked in favor of the more controllable SMGs, like the AK74u or the MPL.