Ballistic knife

The Ballistic Knife is a special secondary weapon. It is a one-hit kill when fired (same as the Tomahawk) as well as when used to melee. Also like the Tomahawk, the fired knives can be reused if picked up off the ground or wherever it embeds itself. The trajectory of the knife in flight is similar to the tomahawk, but more direct; it goes much further before losing momentum and dipping below the aim point. The knife must be primed by pulling a pin before it can fire. It is recommended that as soon as possible, you switch to Ballistic Knife after every spawn, and then back to your primary. After this is done, the second time you pull out your Ballistic Knife, its draw time is approximately as fast as a pistol's, and can make the difference between life and death. The Ballistic Knife also greatly increases melee speed, so it is often used in knife classes for the quick stab and the ability to reach out and touch an enemy from a distance.

The Ballistic Knife also appears in the Wager Match modes Gun Game and Sticks and Stones. In Gun Game it's used as Tier 20, so it's the final weapon which causes the win. In order to win, the final kill must be made by firing the knife, not by stabbing with itand so is given infinite ammo to achieve this. In Sticks and Stonesthe Ballistic Knife is used as the secondary weapon and can not be replaced.