The Kiparis is the classified SMG, unlocked after buying all the other Submachine guns, so not before level 41. It has a twenty round magazine that empties very quickly. Although the recoil is very predictable (always up and to the right), burst-firing is necessary at mid to long range; having a Grip as an attachment can help to negate this.

Due to its low ammo amount and high rate of fire it is recommended to have Scavenger and Sleight of Hand as the Kiparis aims down the sight the same speed as an assault rifle, 0.25 seconds instead of 0.2 (which is standard for SMGs) and to use either Extended Mags or the Grip attachment.

Having a sight to replace the iron-sights is optional, and up to preference, as the iron-sights on the Kiparis aren't particularly clear, but provide good peripheral vision. If Warlord is being used, having Extended Mags, and a Grip will make the weapon more useful at range, while Extended Mags and a Suppressor will transform it into a powerful stealth weapon.

The Kiparis features the same amount of wall penetration as assault rifles, and the most aim assist out of all of the sub machine guns, effectively making this the best SMG for shooting enemies through cover.