Claymores are featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops. Claymores can be carried around as in Call of Duty 4 and are placed with the fire button. They can also be picked up and moved after being placed. They differ from previous iterations of the claymore, as they do not "click" when the wires are tripped, instead they make a quick "beep beep" sound. The sound is so quiet that it will usually be drowned out by gunfire and explosions. They are unlocked at level 4 when Create-A-Class is unlocked and cost 5000, making them the most expensive equipment in the game, along with the Motion Sensor.

An enemy RC-XD will trigger a claymore, destroying both or if the player were to boost while driving the RC-XD it will pass the claymore and be unaffected but the Claymore will go off. Attack Dogs will also trigger claymores.

Claymores can be resupplied by a care package that contains ammo if the claymore was placed before.


  • A Claymore cannot be detonated or disabled by teammates, even if they shoot it. In Hardcore mode though, it is possible to destroy friendly claymores.
  • In Afghan, Claymores can easily look like rocks or debris, making them highly beneficial. On the other hand they do not camouflage well in snowy, arctic levels, such as Derail.
  • The trigger lasers for the claymore are actually misleading, as the real trigger range is slightly wider than the actual lasers.
  • Claymores can be placed while planting the bomb in such game modes as Search and Destroy and Demolition.
  • A Claymore can be placed facing a thin wall as a way to find enemy players as the lasers will stick out through the wall and will still detonate and cause some damage.
  • A Claymore explosion/triggering can be heard going off by the planter no matter how far away they are from where they set it in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.
  • Claymores do not have a ceiling on their explosions - they can kill a player who is floors above them if the surfaces allow it. For this reason, be careful trying to flank a claymore while walking over catwalks and openings.
  • Claymores can be placed facing enemy Tactical Insertions in order to kill the spawning enemy.
  • If the player's claymore is stunned by a flash/stun grenade, he can still manually detonate it by shooting it or using another explosive.
  • A good, commonly unused tactic for claymores is, to put one right in front of the entrance and placing one a bit further behind it, as many players will not see the second one, and the claymores would be triggered at the same time. Most will run behind the first claymore to avoid it but will be caught off guard for the second one.
  • Another tactic is to "body bomb" where a claymore is placed over a corpse, effectively concealing it. This is useful for killing an enemy, if the player knows where a dropped bomb is in Search & Destroy or Sabotage.
  • A third tactic on MW2 is to place a claymore then, using One Man Army, place a C4 explosive in the path of the trip wires. Now you can manually detonate it, or let the claymore get tripped, resulting in the detonation of both the claymore and the C4. This causes a much larger explosion, especially with Danger Close equipped.
  • Using Bomb SquadSitRepScrambler ProHacker, or Flak Jacket is an effective way to avoid being killed by a claymore.
  • In Nazi Zombies, if a player died and has a claymore planted, they can pick up the claymore without having to buy claymores again. If the player holds on to the claymore, they get two more every round. The player can buy an additional two claymores from the wall as well.