The MPL is available for purchase at Level 35. It has moderate damage, a medium-low recoil, and a fast reload along with a high rate of fire.

The Grip attachment makes the weapon more effective/accurate at mid-long range, however such combat is perhaps best avoided anyway, due to the MPL's minimum 20 damage. It is also difficult to stay on target at range with the weapon's very high rate of fire in order to put five hits on target.

Use of the Reflex Sight or ACOG scope is not recommended because the gun sports considerable backwards recoil. This makes the sight or scope kick backwards repeatedly, which can distract the player and put them off of their intended target. The Red Dot Sight is not affected as much by this, as the sight is farther from the player's eyes.

Attachment-wise, Dual Mag is often used because the MPL runs out of ammunition fairly quickly, and the faster reloads and extra ammunition help compensate for that. Additional optics are also often used because the ironsights of the MPL are cluttered and can be difficult to use precisely.

Since the MPL has moderately low recoil, and minimum damage, the Rapid Fire attachment can be useful by increasing the fire rate and reducing the amount of time needed to put five hits on target to achieve a kill.