The Famas is the fourth assault rifle unlocked in Create-A-Class, and is available for purchase at level 14. The Famas, being an assault rifle, excels at close-mid range. At long range, burst-fire is recommended due to the high level of recoil (which usually travels up and to the right). The Famas can hold its own very well in close quarters due to its very high rate of fire, especially in Hardcore mode, where, when hipfiring, the Famas can fire enough bullets to carpet the target area.

It requires three shots at close and four at longer ranges to kill, which is the same as many other assault rifles, though it cannot kill with two headshots, nor can it kill in one shot at long range in Hardcore modes. The gun's major drawback is the relatively high recoil during sustained fire compared to most other assault rifles. The Famas suffers from significant rightward and slightly upward recoil. A loadout includingDual MagsSleight of Hand and Scavenger would be a good choice for the Famas, as its high rate of fire chews through ammo rather quickly, and the weapon suffers from a long empty-magazine reload time.

Overall, the Famas is a very versatile weapon, due to its three-four shot kill ability and high rate of fire compared to other assault rifles. The Famas and the AUG (which have virtually identical statistics) both have the second highest DPS of any fully automatic gun in close quarters after theSkorpion, while at long range are second only to theStoner63. As of Title Update 10, released June 23rd, 2011, the Famas was altered to diminish its effectiveness, decreasing the hipfire accuracy, increasing the ADS time, and increasing the recoil.