frag grenade

The fragmentation grenade is in the game Call of Duty: Black Ops. It also looks like it has an updated kill icon in the bottom left corner. It takes 0.6 seconds to prepare with a 3.5 second fuse. 15 direct damage on impact with 200 - 75 damage and a five meter lethal blast radius.When a grenade is thrown back, and as soon as it is released by the player it becomes his own, therefore even if the grenade is within lethal range when it detonates, it will be counted as a suicide. This is useful when around multiple team-mates, denying the enemy team kills, which is especially useful in games like TDM. Even better would be if a player has Flak Jacket Pro and throws back a grenade with a fuse reset to 2.5 seconds, which not only keeps the player and his teammates alive, but also gives him a fair chance at getting a kill with the grenade. Unlocked by default.