Convoy is a multiplayer map released in the EscalationDLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops released on May 3rd on Xbox 360, June 10th for the PS3, and PC on June 2nd.

Treyarch has said that Convoy "delivers intense, close-quarters combat at the scene of an ambushed US military convoy."

The map was inspired by Cold War fears of Soviet invasion. Part of the road on this map has collapsed, allowing players to drop down to the road below, and vise-versa.

Road signs indicate that it takes place somewhere in California. The map features a tongue-in-cheek "Drive Safely" sign.

There is a small easter egg in the police station. It says that a kid is wanted for pwning noobs.



It takes place in Cuba and is based around a resort, including a pool, a casino, and three Elevators. The elevators only move between two floors. Each elevator has one side open on one floor and the other side open on the other.

This map has several long sight lines, particularly between the windows overlooking the bar in the center, which are conducive to Sniper rifles or long-range assault rifles like the M16. However, there exist avenues by which a player can pass from one side of the map to the other while remaining almost exclusively in close-quarters areas that are largely hidden from most Sniper vantage points.

In most Objective modes, teams spawn on opposite ends of the map, which means that most engagements are at long range, from building to building, or between players crossing over the sides of the map. In Team Deathmatch, spawns are more sporadic, but can still often fall into this fairly simple formula.

The interiors of either building are very similar to the rest of the map in design, with large, open areas bordered by much smaller rooms and staircases. There are many holes and corners in these rooms which often go overlooked by players passing through them. This results in a great deal of camping, especially in the slower-pace Hardcoregametypes.

The view of the sky is fairly uncluttered when outside, which allows for easy targeting and destruction of enemy killstreak rewards. However, similar to the Modern Warfare 2 map Highrise, both buildings provide cover deep enough that players without Ghost Pro or launchers will be able to remain safe from air support.



Stockpile is a multiplayer map released in theEscalation DLC for Call of Duty: Black Opsreleased on May 3rd on Xbox, June 10th for the PS3, and PC on June 10th.

The map takes place in a suburban village in Russia that includes a stockpile of arms inside one of the buildings.

The map also features a building with two large steel doors that can be opened and closed with switches located next to them on both the inside and outside of the building. When using the switch, a siren sounds and alerts the building's occupants. This building is usually where most of the fighting occurs, and it contains the "B" flag in Domination.



Zoo is medium-large urban set terrain. The map is set in an abandoned Soviet zoo, with a large monorail that runs through the map. It has several vacant animal exhibits and cages, empty souvenir shops are given jungle-house like skins like in amusement parks and several dry fountains.

Developers at Treyarch have stated that the monorail is vital to crossing the map efficiently and offers a great vantage point.


Call of the Dead (zomBies)

Call of the Dead is the largest zombie map yet, with multiple areas. Players spawn on the shore with up to three other teammates, as soon as the players spawn George Romero spawns out of a lightning bolt in a nearby pool. There are two chalk weapon outlines there, as with the last three Black Ops zombie maps, the Olympia and theM14. Players can open either one of two different boats. One leads to the lighthouse, and the other leads to the ship. The Power switch is located at the top of the ship, which has the Flinger on its side.

A new perk, Deadshot Daiquiri, is located at the very top of the lighthouse, with a price of 1500 points. It causes the aim-assist when entering ADS to auto-focus on the head as opposed to center-of-mass, as well as having the effects of Steady Aim and its pro version. Also, when using a sniper rifle, there is no sway. The Matryoshka Doll returns. The new Wonder Weapon, the V-R11 makes its debut in this map, with the ability to transform Zombiesback into humans, them running away in fear and getting killed afterward by other zombies. Another new weapon is a Scavenger that shoots explosive bolts, it shares its bolt-action trait and its reload with the L96A1.

There are five radios which feature Richtofen discussing various experiments. There are also 4 radios that if used in the correct order, once the controls next to the power switch are set correctly as well, will cause a submarine to rise out of the water between speed cola and the boat across from it.

When George A. Romero appears at the first round he appears in a "Calm State", him slowly walking towards the player while shouting threats. He also appears to have extremely high amount of health (as he can withstand a very high amount of Ray Gun or Scavenger shots), damaging him or allowing him to hit a player triggers his"Berserk Mode", causing him to chase the nearest person wildly attacking and spontaneously roaring and growling. Note the fact that the player can only get points for shooting him in his "Calm State", and only outside of the water. Contrary to popular belief, the V-R11 does not turn George A. Romero back into a human, only managing to turn him back into his "Calm State". Luring him into the icy waters also "calms" him down.

Killing George A. Romero with something other than the V-R11 will give the player a Random Perk Bottle and a Death Machine. However, if the Stand-in/Ensemble Cast achievements have been completed, he will instead drop the Lightning Bolt perk rather than a Death Machine. The most effective weapons to kill him are the Death Machine, upgraded M1911, upgraded Ray Gun and the Scavenger. An interesting note is that his spotlight indicates how much health he has left: blue means approximately full health, flickering orange approximately half and orange means low.

The map also features the Original Characters Trapped in a small dark room, after an overdose of Element 115 apparently influenced the Kassimir Mechanism and caused the four of them to teleport to the future. Freeing them serves as the map's major Easter egg and gives the Lightning Bolt Power-up, granting the player a Wunderwaffe DG-2. However, it is a Power-up, meaning it cannot be Pack-a-Punched, and disappears when the player runs out of ammo. Additionally, the player cannot switch his weapons, buy another one or revive teammates while equipping it. Max Ammo's replenish the Wunderwaffe DG-2's ammo.