The Tomahawk is a weapon in Call of Duty: Black Opsoccupying the lethal grenade slot. It is similar to Modern Warfare 2's Throwing Knife, instantly killing any player it hits. Unlike the Throwing Knife, however, the Tomahawk always bounces off walls and floors when thrown, making ricochet kills (known as a bank shot) a more likely possibility. It is used in Sticks and Stones as a weapon that resets the victim's score to zero (known as bankrupting) if hit, and will award the player with 10 points. It costs 2000.


  • Tomahawks should be used to lead the enemy, when you are throwing from long distances.
  • Tomahawks should be thrown at the chest area, as it is the largest area to hit, and therefore the easiest.
  • Tomahawks should be thrown slightly above the target, as they suffer from severe drop off due to gravity. This range above the target should be adjusted accordingly from the players distance.
  • When trying to get lucky tomahawks from across the map, one should jump as one throws. Doing so will increase the range on large maps.
  • When trying for bankshots, never throw directly into the corner. Instead, try throwing near the corner, on the wall that is parallel to you.
  • Try to keep the distance from yourself and the target small. This decreases the risk of missing.
  • If one is attempting stealth, tomahawks are an apt choice, as they are silent, and can easily be retrieved.