The Galil can be purchased at level 20 for 2000. The weapon has a 35 round magazine, medium damage, and low recoil. The Galil's iron-sights are very clear, but many players still use optic attachments. Also, because of its moderately high damage, long range, low recoil, and because the muzzle flash, the Suppressor is a commonly-used attachment. Another useful decision would be the Extended Mag, giving it 50 rounds instead of the usual 35. With such a large magazine, using the Galil becomes similar to using a light machine gun with the advantage of assault rifle's mobility. These characteristics make the Galil a popular weapon.

A disadvantage of the Galil is that the Galil has an awkward reload time of 2.9 seconds that can become a hindrance during heated firefights. Dual Mags can be used to somewhat negate that disadvantage for every alternating odd reload.Sleight of Hand can be a good alternative, but using Dual Mags and another attachment via Warlord could be more useful, as it will also grant more starting ammunition, and with the pro version of this perk, an extra tactical and lethal grenade are also granted. When an ACOG Scope is equipped and the Galil is fired automatically, the Galil's sudden recoil to the upper right is more potent, which at long ranges puts it at a disadvantage against other weapons.

The above problem with the reload time has a remedy without using attachments or perks. Reload cancelling is very effective with the Galil as a large amount of the reload time is turning the weapon and pulling the bolt back. As the bolt only needs to be pulled back when an empty magazine is removed, the player should choose to reload before the mag is empty. This means the weapon is ready to be fired immediately after inserting the mag without having to pull back the bolt.

Burst/semi-automatic firing a Galil makes it almost perfectly accurate with every shot fired which coupled with the low recoil during full auto makes the Galil a superior mid range weapon.