In multiplayer, it is the "classified" handgun, meaning it is unlocked by buying all other pistols (minimum level is rank 18, when the Python is available). It costs 1500. It has a standard magazine capacity of 12 rounds, which is increased to 18 with the Extended Mags attachment. The weapon has gained a large amount of popularity as a sidearm online due to its relatively large magazine, and the ability to fire fully automatic. Note that the CZ75 has idle sway without the Full-Auto attachment. With the perk Second Chance and the Full-Auto attachment for the CZ75, the player will instead use the default last stand pistol, the M1911.

Players with fast trigger fingers should avoid the Full-Auto attachment, as it adds recoil, reduces damage and lowers the fire cap. Instead, it is recommended that such a player use the Extended Mags attachment, which may allow multiple semi-auto kills before the need to reload. However, the Full-Auto attachment can prove invaluable to snipers, as it can give snipers a weapon that is useful for close-quarters battles.