camera spike

The Camera Spike allows the player to see anything in front of it using thermal imaging in a box at the top left corner of the player's HUD, replacing the mini-map. To the contrary of what has been shown in gameplay footage, the mini map is not permanently replaced by the camera feed and can be toggled by pressing the equipment button. The area that the camera covers is dictated by the player's facing (both horizontal and vertical) when it is placed. The camera spike can be destroyed by melee or bullets. If the player is dissatisfied with the placement of the Camera Spike, it can be picked up and replaced somewhere else, and unlike turrets, is simply placed back into the player's inventory.


  • A common use of the camera spike is to place it behind the player's lookout (camping spot) to detect any enemies coming their way. However it depends on the angle and elevation of the camera spike itself. A good position is very much beneficial in preemptive counter strikes on the player's attacker. E.g. at the stairs of a building in Nuketown, aiming it between the hall of the room and the stairs itself, making the camera spike less visible and prone to attacks if placed at the corner, while the player takes out enemies from the windows.
  • The camera spike can also be used as bait. However, this tactic should not be used if another piece of equipment is available or if a safe spot to camp can be reached safely.
  • Camera Spikes can be used near objectives to prevent being surprised by enemy locations. If used correctly this bonus is as effective as a Blackbird.
  • Players can deploy one near their turrets so they can keep an eye on them.