The Spectre's low recoil and open sights make it a good SMG for close or even medium-long range shooting. It is also decently accurate from the hip and has a large magazine (30 rounds default and 45 with Extended Mags, on par with the MP5K and AK74u) with a high rate of fire.

The high accuracy the Spectre possesses makes it generally more useful than the other 30-20 damage SMGs, all of which have either smaller magazines or higher recoil. It becomes a very powerful stealth weapon when a Suppressor is attached. However, due to the low recoil on the Spectre, this may be the best sub machine gun to use in conjunction with rapid fire, but scavenger is highly recommended if using this rapid fire. The recoil of the Spectre is up and to the right, allowing for easy compensation.

Using Warlord is advised with the Grip and Red Dot Sight as the Spectre will have close to no recoil as well as having a precision sight allowing you to use the Spectre as an Assault Rifle but with greater hip accuracy and higher running speed. However, you should avoid a straight fire fight with Assault Rifles at long range as it will result most of the time in a death.

Because a grip is already present on the Spectre, selecting the grip as an attachment adds a folding stock to the weapon. This reduces recoil as a standard grip would do, although the folding stock on the Spectre is hinged on the rear sights; this makes the already boxy sights slightly bulkier, blocking more of the player's peripheral vision.

The SMG most similar to the Spectre is the MPL. The MPL has many advantages over the Spectre, negligible ones include a 32 round magazine as opposed to the Spectre's 30 round magazine, and a slightly faster reload when the magazine is not empty. The major advantage the MPL has over the Spectre is the ability to use Dual Mags, granting the player with 160 spare rounds, thus exterminating the need for Scavenger, freeing a Tier 1 perk slot for a perk of the player's choosing. The MPL is also a more common sight than the Spectre, since it is unlocked a bit earlier. The Spectre does boast its own advantages over the MPL, such as noticeably lower recoil, making it more accurate at range, and slightly clearer sights, though the sides of the front post are still blocked off.