Light Machine Guns

Light Machine Gun (or LMG) is a type of weapon in the Call of Duty series. Light machine guns carry high amounts of ammo in their magazines (typically 100, but not always the case), allowing them to be fired for extended periods of time. The drawbacks of light machine guns are that they are heavy, making the player carrying them move slower. Hip-fire is also very inaccurate, and it takes more time to aim down the sights than submachine guns or assault rifles, making Light Machine Guns at a disadvantage in close-quarters combat. They are best used for support and while stationary, rather than offensively. The "Overwatch" tactic involves using a Light Machine Gun from an elevated area to support teammates below. Compared to Heavy Machine Guns, Light Machine Guns do more damage but hold less ammo. In games without Heavy Machine Guns this is less true.