The AUG is unlocked at level 26. The AUG is very powerful, killing in three hits at close-medium range, and four at long range. Unlike most other guns, when using an ACOG Scopethe gun uses a Swarovski Scope, which, although very clear, makes the AUG's recoil extremely unpredictable; at random intervals the gun's recoil will "jump", causing the gun to go wildly off target. While the recoil can be off putting, at mid range the clearness of the sight can help put down enemies long before the gun begins to jump.

It is, damage and range-wise, the same as the Famas, sharing identical iron-sights as well. The difference between the AUG and Famas lies in the recoil. While the Famas kicks up and to the right most of the time, the AUG stays more centered and the recoil can go in all four directions (mostly up and to the left or right). The recoil is more randomized than the Famas and has moderate recoil at increased distances making burst firing required at longer ranges, where four hits are needed to kill, it becomes slightly less effective as burst-firing is often needed to counter the recoil. The AUG also has more muzzle flash than the Famas which some players can find annoying.

Overall the AUG is a rather versatile weapon; due to its 3-4 shot kill ability and high rate of fire compared to other assault rifles, the Famas and AUG (which are virtually identical statwise) both have the second highest DPS of any fully automatic gun in close quarters after the Skorpion, while at long range are second only to the Stoner63.